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Marin Professionals is a For-Purpose, Non-Profit organization supporting job-seeking professionals

who are navigating career transitions and pursuing steady employment.

Our membership is a diverse group of professionals with 10 or more years

of collective work experience, education and training.

Our program includes a free 5 Day Workshop on current job-seeking

techniques and best practices to ensure speedy hire!


Marin Professionals is a project of MarinLink.


Our free 5 Day Workshops are at the core of our program,

developed to teach valuable job-seeking skills with a ready-made support group.

Full membership is granted upon completion of the workshop.

5 Day Workshops are held bi-monthly, in January, March, May, July, September, and November.

We also offer other low-cost workshops to spotlight specific skills related

to career placement and advancement.


Day 1


Workshop orientation &

introduction to

success team members

Day 2


Develop a catalogue of powerful statements

that highlight your skills for resumes,

interviews and social networks

Day 3


Build & perfect the documents

you need to get noticed

by employers

Day 4


Learn tips & techniques about

how to connect on- and off-line

with hiring managers

Day 5


With a real recruiter,

practice making your pitch,

closing the deal and landing your dream job

Other Workshops


Need more help? Learn how to write a biography,

the art of interviewing, trends in resume writing,

effective LinkedIn profile development and more!


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You can find us at the Northgate Mall Community Room nearly every Monday morning from 10 AM — Noon (holidays excepted.).

You are invited to stop by and learn more about the process and benefits of becoming a member.

And don’t worry, there is coffee!

Please come prepared to engage in our meeting, network with the group

and get excited about what’s next on your career path.

For additional questions and information please contact us.

MarinPro Meeting


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Marin Professionals is a project of Marinlink, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

Your generous donation to Marin Professionals is tax-deductible.

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Marin Pros Meeting
Monday, October 30, 2017, 10:00am - 12:00pm
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Chance Massaro
PRESENTER: CHANCE MASSAROMemory Coach and developer of the Memory Back Guarantee

TOPIC: "Use Memory Skills to Land the Job You Want
SUMMARY: In this comprehensive interactive  presentation you will learn and use four simple memory tools to be very clear about:
  • What work you really want
  • What skills and talents you love to share
  • What environments enable you to perform at your best
  • Enjoy the business and personal preparation you need to both write compelling cover letters and ace that interview.

Bring all of your senses into the pursuit: see, hear, taste, touch, smell and emotionally feel when you are your best.

Make logical and creative associations to know how to meet a company’s needs.

Use all your power and calm to answer and ask questions by recalling your very best performances and your sense of accomplishment.

Use new ways of collaborating with other job seekers past and present. 

Use the four tools to get new perspective and CONFIDENCE. 

Chance obtained a California Secondary Credential in 1969 and taught in San Francisco and Oakland.  During the seventies he taught ESL in Athens, Greece and Rome, Italy and then study skills throughout New England.  Returning to the West Coast, Chance earned a Master’s and a Junior College Credential while writing a very unusual book on study skills and creating a tutorial department for the E.O.P.S. of City College of San Francisco.  After five years there, he led the Learning Assistance Center of Sonoma State University before starting his own business as a free-lance educator and business consultant.

In 2003 Chance published his third book, Easy Genius which intends to help people to become acquainted with how their own unique brain works and how to use their brains more effectively and with more joy.  The book was such a success that Chance rewrote it (2005) specifically for people in organizations who had to learn new information daily in our rapidly changing environment, producing Easy Genius at Work.



Location - Northgate Mall Community Room, 5800 Northgate Drive, San Rafael CA 94903


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